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Plugins (interceptors), dependency injection, configuration, CLI commands, events and observers, ViewModel, Object manager and more topics.

Collection walk iterator magento


In this article I will explain you how to efficiently read and update thousands of records in magento, so that when your command object is running it does not run in "Allowed memory size of # bytes exhausted" problem.

Listening to Observer in magento


In magento if you wish to listen to certain events from the magento framework itself, or from your own custom event. The following code will help you to listen to a event.

Magento create new object instance - best practice

Factory InjectionObjectManagerConstructor Injection

When writing a unit tests. There are couple of things to do and couple of things which should be avoided. In this article I have listed the dos and don'ts with regards to unit testing.

Magento Events - best practice


Events are things that occurred in the system that other components might be interested in knowing about. Events represent the essence of asynchronous communication. Decoupling, reusing, and speeding up code are some of the benefits of using Events.

Magento rest api resource - swagger


If you want to develop magento functionality using rest apis. The magento api swagger will give you an comprehensive detail about the rest api and the methods accepted on the following link.

View models magento

Extending magentoPlugins

Use ViewModels anytime you need to inject functionality into template files. This is a clean approach to distribute logic from block classes into separate classes that are easier to maintain, understand, test, and reuse.

Plugins part one

Extending magentoPlugins

Introduction to plugins part one.

Plugins part two

Extending magentoPlugins

Introduction to plugins part two.

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PHPUnit best practice
In this article I have listed the dos and don'ts with regards to unit testing.