Constructor injection and its benefits

Dependencies in php are injected in mainly 2 ways.

  • Setter injection
  • Constructor injection

Example of setter injection (ideally should not be used)

public function setUserRepository(Repository $user): void
    $this->userRepository = $user;

$object = new MyClass();

The setter injection violates 2 rules.
1) It creates the MyClass object in a invalid state.
2) Services should not be able to change them once they have been created.

Constructor injection (best practice)

use SomeCompany\SomeModule\Model\UserFactory;
use SomeCompany\SomeModule\Model\User;

class InjectUsingConstructorParameters
    /** @var User */
    private $user;

    * @param User $user
    public function __construct(
        User $user
    ) {
        $this->user = $user;

The code above is using magento framework, but similar techniques can be applied in frameworks like symfony and laravel.

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