A value object is just any immutable object that wraps primitive-type values. Entities, value objects and repositories are the materials which services use to perform their tasks.

Below are some of the characteristics of a value object
It adds information about the data (e.g. This is not just a number it is an Age of a person)
It validates the data (e.g. this isn’t just any int, it’s a Adult age from 18 to 110 years).
If it wraps primitive-type data like string, int, float.
If it’s immutable.
It helps repeating validating object.

Value object example

public class EmployeeAge
	private int $age;

	private function __construct(int $age)
		Assertion::between($age, 18, 110);
		$this->age = $age;

	public function inTenYears(): EmployeeAge
		return new EmployeeAge($this->age + 10);

I think most of the points of a value object are really simple to understand apart from being immutable.

What is immutable object?
Lets see from the example of Value object class EmployeeAge

$age = new EmployeeAge(25);

The method inTenYears() does not change the data "25" that $age contains. Instead, a new EmployeeAge object is instantiated and given the data "35" during its construction. A reference to this EmployeeAge object is returned by the inTenYears() method. To make the EmployeeAge $age contain the data "35", a different approach is needed:

$age = $age->inTenYears();

Now the class EmployeeAge $age references a new EmployeeAge object that contains "35".

By returning a new copy instead of manipulating the existing object, we effectively make the EmployeeAge value object immutable.

What if value object needs to extra some information from external resource?

If a value object needs a service to perform some task, you could inject it as a method argument,

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